Open KnowledgeWorker supports Open Education.

Provide and re-use learning content under open licenses. For free.

Open KnowledgeWorker enables you to:

  • Easily create learning content
  • Use existing content and media of fellows
  • Arrange contents anew and again
  • Share the way you want

Webinars for Open KnowledgeWorker

For your easy start with Open Knowledgeworker take part in one of our webinars, free of charge.

Next dates:
20 March, 10:00 am - 12:00 pm CET (in English language)
15 April, 01:30 pm - 03:30 pm CET (in German language)
14 May, 02:00 pm - 04:00 pm CET (in English language)

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Open KnowledgeWorker @ openeducationweek 2014

Open KnowledgeWorker joins the world wide week of events on open education with two webinars:

10 March, 03:00-04:00 pm UTC
Possibilities and chances for Open Educational Ressources

Open Educational Resources are a new challenge for educational institutions, but also a great chance for all learners worldwide. However, within the last years, the focus has mainly been on making educational resources accessible worldwide and free of charge. The possibilities of “adaptation by a community of users”, which means that not only renowned academics, but all users may create, edit, share or translate educational material, are often disregarded. The webinar discusses the current upheaval in the creation, copying and distribution of learning materials, and in particular the problems with commercially prepared teaching aids. It gives a short insight into the recent developments of OER and finally presents Open Knowledge Worker as a free platform for the collaborative creation of eLearning content.

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13 March, 01:00-02:00 pm UTC
You can do it! Create and share your knowledge for free

Jenny Weber will show you the community “Open KnowledgeWorker”, a collaborative online authoring platform for e-learning courses. This open platform enables everybody to not just share his/her knowledge as an educational resource in an interactive elearning course format: All contents are published under public copyright licenses (Creative Commons), so that the free reuse by the whole community is ensured. Users may also work together on courses and exchange tasks and comments via the system. Open KnowledgeWorker is free for everyone and accessible via a simple registration. All contents created must be published as Open Content – under an open license that enables reuse in other courses.

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Knowledge is not static, but moving and changing when shared. Open KnowledgeWorker is a great platform for the creation and sharing of knowledge. See what you can do and keep moving!

You don’t have to reinvent everything. Use existing content and improve it for your purpose. This saves a lot of time. Your knowledge looks awesome and your audience will be impressed.

Work and share wherever you are. Distinguish yourself as an expert and get recognition for your knowledge.

Open KnowledgeWorker is a great place for collaboration. Just invite your friends and working partners. Companies can convince with their know-how as well. Showing it on Open KnowledgeWorker is a great possibility for social contribution and supports promotion and marketing.

Everyone can use this open platform to make knowledge more tangible, to benefit from contributions by other users and discover new knowledge every day.

Contents are available everywhere and in many different formats. They can easily be translated into other languages. A great chance for people all around the world to apply their knowledge.

Be inspired!

Have a look what your knowledge could look like when created with Open KnowledgeWorker.

We are committed to sustainability – in ecology and society.

We promote the distribution and free availability of knowledge for all people and offer an open learning environment. It supports Open Education and the democratization of learning.

We are committed to a responsible approach to the environment and nature and use renewable energies. So for the operation of Open KnowledgeWorker cloud we only use power from 100 percent of carbon-free and environmentally-friendly hydropower. This helps to protect the climate and save resources.